Discovery Dashboards


Search Metrics

Summaries and visualizations of metrics of how search features and APIs are being used on Wikimedia sites. (Code Repository)

Portal Metrics

Dashboard for monitoring portal usage. (Code Repository)

WDQS Metrics

Summaries and visualizations of very basic metrics of how much the Wikidata Query Service is being used. (Code Repository)

Maps Metrics

Summaries and visualizations of very basic metrics of how much the Wikimedia Maps service is being used. (Code Repository)

External Referral Metrics

Dashboard for digging into search-engine-referred traffic. (Code Repository)

What is this?

This is a collection of dashboards and tools for exploring work and data from the Wikimedia Discovery and Wikimedia Search Platform teams. It contains everything from API usage to direct user interactions, and will only grow over time. The idea is that this will provide data for internal and external use, to see how well we're doing.

What do I do if I have bug reports, or ideas for future projects?

We're always happy to hear new ideas!

Who built it and how?

This project was built by Oliver Keyes, Mikhail Popov, and Chelsy Xie on top of RStudio's Shiny web application framework for R.

Who maintains it?

This project is maintained by Mikhail Popov and Chelsy Xie.

How do I make one for my team's data?

We wrote an article to help you do that! :D Head over to Building a Shiny Dashboard on Wikitech. To make the ops side of things easier, we've developed the Shiny Server module for Puppet. See these profiles for further reference. If you have other questions or would like further assistance, please Mikhail or Chelsy.